Grant County Heritage Trail

The Grant County Heritage Trail Foundation, a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization (pending), is spearheading the development of 48 mile multi-surface, multi–use pathway. The multi-use pathway for Grant County would connect the northern and southern border of the county with existing infrastructure and future pathways. In developing a multi-surface, multi– use pathway, a wide range of users - cyclists, walkers, joggers, equestrian riders, and other not-motorized vehicles– will be served. And, the community will derive further health benefits by increasing physical activity via use of the county spanning pathway; allowing people of all ages and abilities to make the healthy choice, the easy choice.

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Grant County heritage trail prospectus

The Heritage Trail Foundation is seeking $555,230 in private support over the next six years. This money will: complete phase 1 to phase 3 of pathway development, build sidewalks/ pathways to connect downtowns, neighborhoods, parks and schools, sustain the Grant County Heritage Trail Foundation, increase physical activity opportunities and increase access to healthy food options. 



Feasibility Study

The Grant County Heritage Trail feasibility study was completed in December 2016 in partnership with Kentucky League of Cities. The study includes conceptual drawings, a preliminary implementation plan and budget cost estimates for implementation and sustainability of the pathway. The feasibility study can be found here

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Next Steps

  • Develop a Grant County Heritage Trail Foundation
  • Develop branding and marketing materials
  • Develop trail implementation structure