The Mission of FFLAG is to educate and bring awareness to Grant County residents about physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.


Our History

The initial concept of starting a local fitness initiative began with concerns from Williamstown Head Start. Head Start employees noticed a rising trend of obesity among their students. In 2002, professionals from social organizations, schools and healthcare organizations joined forces with Williamstown Head Start to raise awareness about physical activity and proper nutrition. This combined effort formed Fitness For Life Around Grant County (FFLAG).

In 2004, the major health problems in Grant County were identified as obesity, tobacco use and depression. The FFLAG coalition determined the best way to address these issues was to raise awareness, partner with worksites to promote employee health, provide opportunities for citizens to improve their health and ensure that new roads, schools and neighborhoods are built with pedestrians and cyclists in mind.

In 2009, FFLAG became a 501(c)3 organization to become self-sustaining and apply for grants. Currently, FFLAG’s operating budget is comprised of a variety of funding sources: the Northern Kentucky Health Department’s contribution and income from grants, fees and donated services.

Over a several year period, the FFLAG coalition has engaged more than 2,600 people each year and raised health awareness to 24,000 Grant County residents by providing several opportunities to be physically active.