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The FFLAG Worksite Wellness Program is a free, voluntary certification designed to recognize and honor worksites that are committed to supporting healthy choices in physical activity, healthy eating and tobacco prevention through policies, programs and environmental changes within their organization. This award celebrates worksites that place a high value on employee health and overall well-being, while taking steps to help them plan for cost effective future strategies to create a healthier workforce. FFLAG utilizes the American Heart Assocation’s (AHA) Workplace Health Achievement Index as the application. Applications are due June 30 and edits can be made year-round. Worksites are recognized for their efforts both nationally by AHA and locally at the Grant County Chamber Breakfast. 

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In February 2018, members of community coalitions FFLAG and Grant County Champions conducted air quality monitoring in several workplaces that allow smoking.  We found that the average air quality inside some of these establishments was over two times the Environmental Protection Agency's standard for outdoor air quality. The highest level was five times higher than the outdoor standard. Poor air quality,  caused by secondhand smoke, can cause or increase the risk of many adverse health outcomes including lung cancer, heart disease, strokes, asthma, and more.  There is no safe level of secondhand smoke exposure.

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Fitness For Life Around Grant County (FFLAG) is spearheading a multifaceted health action plan for children with funding from the Foundation For A Healthy Kentucky.  The "Starting With Children" initiative is designed to improve the health of Kentucky's children by engaging communities with innovative strategies to help school-aged children achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Starting with Children Video

Starting with Children- In the Community
•    Improvements to Piddle Park
•    Sidewalk construction in Williamstown
•    Improvements to Corinth Park
•    Construction of a Splash Park in Williamstown
•    Step It Up Kentucky- Walkability Assessment in Crittenden


Starting with Children- In the Schools

•    Standing desks and exercise equipment within the classroom
•    Changes to school wellness policies
•    School garden at Williamstown
•    Playgrounds at Mason-Corinth and Williamstown Elementary schools
•    Walking paths behind Crittenden-Mt. Zion, Dry Ridge, Mason-Corinth and Sherman Elementary schools and Grant County Middle School
•    100% Tobacco-Free Grounds Policy


Complete Streets are roadways designed for all modes of transportation (pedestrian, cyclist, car, truck). Complete Streets make it easy to cross the street, walk to shops, and cycle to work.

The City of Williamstown adopted a Complete Streets Policy Municipal Order in 2013.

The City of Corinth adopted a Complete Streets Policy Resolution in 2014. 

The City of Dry Ridge adopted a Complete Streets Policy Resolution in 2015. 

The Grant County Fiscal Court adopted a Complete Streets Policy Resolution in 2015, which was the first county-wide Complete Streets Policy adopted in the state of Kentucky.

The City of Crittenden adopted a Complete Streets Policy Municipal Order in 2017.